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     Add:Handan Yongnian Xitantou 
     Industrial zone
     Sales Company: Hebei Yongnian standard parts shop China International Hardware City, C2-1 / C2-2.
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    Handan Hounian Expand Screw Limited Company
    Main products: wedge anchor /drop in anchor/sleeve anchor with hex bolt /sleeve anchor with flange nut /sleeve anchor with eye bolt/sleeve anchor with hook bolt / expansion screws/expansion elevator wire/ tube expander wire and so on 
    Address: xitantou Industrial Zone yongnian county handan city hebei province (Ming chicken Ring Road intersection east and 200 meters south)

    Phone: +86 0310-6823000 6731000 Fax: +86 0310-6823000
    E-mail: business@hounian.com       hn001@hounian.com 
    QQ:2850291853    Skype:hn6731000  WeChat:+8613731039567

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    Phone:+86 310-6732495    Fax: +86 310-6733495    Mobile: +86 13731039567
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